Smell These Essential Oils And You’ll Lose Weight!

By Justin Vict

Can smelling something boost your metabolism? Essential oils have been used in traditional medicine to treat many diseases. Scientists surprisingly found they can also help you lose weight! How? Inhaling their aromas can support your digestive system and hormones involved in your metabolism, like coriander oil.

What Are Essential Oils?

You can take parts of plants, even their fruits, and grind them into a concentrated extract mixed with liquid. When in open air, essential oils vaporize readily, often making pleasant aromas.

Aromatherapy – An Ancient Holistic Remedy

Essential oils have been traditionally used for centuries in ancient cultures to treat ailments. Researchers have proven that breathing in essential oils helps relax you, and can be effective in treating anxiety. They found that inhaling them lowers levels of chemicals in your brain linked with stress.

Regularly breathing in essential oils also helps prevent cancer and slows aging. Researchers found that when people sniffed lavender and rosemary essential oils for five minutes, their antioxidant activity increased significantly. Antioxidants fight free radicals in your body, which can cause blindness, cancer, and signs of aging.

Aromatherapy and Weight Loss

But, would you believe they’ve proven that simply breathing in these essential oils can help you lose weight?

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